Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Message of Thanks from Project 30-90

Project 30-90 is overwhelmed by the Kellogg team assisting us for the week.
We honestly weren't quite sure what the week would bring, but its been
simply amazing. The team is crazy intelligent, passionate and invested in
our project after only a few days. The intellect, critical thinking,
feedback, assumption challenging and ideas they have brought forward are
pushing this project to a new level. Add in their boundless enthusiasm and
this has been a wonderful influx of new energy.

I think the best thing about this team is that as individuals they have
each showed great understanding of the significance of this undertaking to
me as the entrepreneur. Its not their name on the project, but they act as
though it is. Put simply, they "drank the koolaid" on day one and have
been fully vested since. They may have only planned on being here for a
week, but they're all on the team for good, from now until September.

Tomorrow there is a judging of some sort of their work. We'll welcome any
feedback the panel wishes, but I know that project 30-90 is the HUGE winner
by having these wonderful folks assisting us.

Don Kelly
Founder, Project 30-90

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