Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Official: New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2010

Over the past weeks, the Idea Village team has been busily grinding away at the immense task of ensuring that this year’s New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, “The Jazz Fest of Entrepreneurship,” continues to build on the momentum provided by New Orleans’s recent historic achievements. An indescribable energy has taken hold of the office, as everyone works together to ensure that this year’s NOEW dazzles even more than events in years past. Already, the nation’s brightest and most entrepreneurial minds have committed their time and minds to tackle the up-and-coming Entrepreneur Class of 2010’s most pressing challenges. From March 20-27, they will congregate in New Orleans to provide strategic resources to start-ups, celebrate the city’s progress, and further establish New Orleans as a nationally significant center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Join us on Friday, March 5, at 3pm, at the Idea Village Office in the IP, at 515 Girod Street, for the official unveiling of this year’s event, during which the participants and the line-up of events will be announced.

And don’t forget: IT’S ON IN NOLA!

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