Friday, March 12, 2010

Turning the Light On

You’re ready. We’re ready. The energy is flowing; the excitement is brewing; the sun has made a dashing appearance, marking the start of a beautiful New Orleans spring. As we all dreamily await this year’s highly-anticipated Entrepreneur Week—which will bring together some of the nation’s best and brightest entrepreneurs, students, and business leaders to make a lasting impact and celebrate entrepreneurship, New Orleans -style—we’ve decided to provide you with a blog series that will highlight what it’s all about.

Every day over the week leading up to NOEW, we’ll present you with some exciting aspect of this year’s event, from the speakers and events to the sponsors and all of the great experiences you’ll have in New Orleans. So for those whose nerves have begun to fray out of anticipation, you can rest easy and imagine you’re already here. Stay tuned and, as always, remember:


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