Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turning the Light On Entrepreneur Week: Aspen Institute Leadership Seminar

On Tuesday, sixteen of New Orleans’s most creative entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from each another in one of the world’s most distinguished forums for cultivating leadership—the Aspen Institute Leadership Seminar. For almost sixty years, these exclusive seminars have challenged the world’s leaders to engage with their peers and think critically about their leadership and the good society.

Using works from history’s greatest minds, the seminars take place in a skillfully moderated environment that encourages the collaboration and open dialogue so fundamental to the Idea Village and the New Orleans entrepreneurial community in general. Thus, this is a unique and special opportunity that is sure to prepare those creative individuals whose ideas and actions both exemplify and precipitate New Orleans’s incredible revival.


And with the help of the Aspen Institute, it's going to be brighter than ever!

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